Remembering Toluca Lake

The China Trader

The location of the Trader is now partially a public green space, partially Garry Marshall’s Falcon Theater and partially a retail space. You can find some souvenirs from the China Trader on e-bay.

China Trader 300The China Trader was owned by Jack Webb, creator of Dragnet, Adam 12 and Emergency. Jack’s ex-wife was Julie London – who married Bobby Troup after she and Jack divorced. It was, however, a “friendly” divorce – and all three remained close friends, which is why Bobby (and Julie) were often found performing at the China Trader. The China Trader was opened when both Trader Vic’s (Beverly Hills) and Don the Beachcomber (Hollywood) were all the rage, and The Trader filled that themed South Pacific lounge/restaurant niche in the San Fernando Vallley.

China TraderAs a side note, when Jack Webb created his Emergency show he cast both Bobby Troup and Julie London as the emergency room doctor and nurse – continuing the friendship. Some side trivia about Jack Webb and The China Trader. When Webb was creating his (first) Dragnet radio shows and then later the TV version, he turned to a young LAPD officer to supply him with stories and then later write the show scripts with him. That LAPD Officer was Gene Roddenberry – who later created Star Trek. Roddenberry and Webb would write their Dragnet episodes at Jack’s Toluca Lake home, but when they were done for the day they’d head over to the China Trader for some relaxation time. So – who knows what Star Trek characters may have been dreamed up at the China Trader bar.

Tick Tock Restaurant
10123 Riverside Drive – now The Counter

My Mother and Father owned the Tick Tock Restaurant and it was their lifelong pleasure to serve the communities of Toluca Lake Tick Tock on Riverside Driveand Hollywood. As children we LOVED growing up in a town where everyone knew you and people took care of each other. Toluca Lake was truly the diamond of the valley.”
Helene Johnson Bradley

Tick Tock PostcardMy grandmother and I would go to the Tick Tock from Glendale when I was a child. I have wonderful memories of the shrimp cocktail and all of the clocks. I am am 67 yers old now and have never found such a wonderful place.”
Sheri Chalstrom

“Where to begin? I grew up on Forman and Kling (my parents bought the house from the Tick Tock owners!) My grandparents had a house right on the lake… that was awesome! We would sail, swim and swing on the swing at the end of the lake near Lakeside.

Tick Tock restaurant was the best! Loved the peppermint ice cream at Chapman’s. I also remember the Green Store, that someone else already mentioned. Pop’n Cork used to deliver to our house! I also remember my brother and I riding our bikes to the Hot Dog Show…. many memories!”
Christina Carroll

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