Where is Toluca Lake?

To understand the boundaries of Toluca Lake, you need to look at why you are asking. See the map below.

The Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce serves the greater Toluca Lake area. Toluca Lake is not an incorporated city. It is a district of the city of Los Angeles, the same as Hollywood, Studio City and North Hollywood. Toluca Lake is also a general neighborhood which spills over into Burbank. Some locations which share the Toluca Lake zip-code 91602 are not in Toluca Lake.

Political entities and others, such as the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council, each draw their own boundaries to suit specific needs. The general areas of Toluca Woods, Toluca Terrace, West Toluca Lake, etc. may have vague boundaries, depending on who you ask. The Toluca Lake Homeowner’s Association includes properties in and near the area, while the Toluca Lake Property Owner’s Association includes only properties on the lake that touch the water.

This map displays some of the boundaries for Toluca Lake as various groups define them. If you have a specific question, please let us know.

The boundaries for Los Angeles City Council District 4 were redrawn in 2012 and in the Toluca Lake area now follow the boundaries of the Neighborhood Council and not the boundaries of the Toluca Lake District.


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