Toluca Lake in History

How much do you know about the history of Toluca Lake? Read stories and view our photos of long established businesses and some that are gone. Share your memories and why you feel Toluca Lake is special.

1969 Chamber Installation of Officers

1969 Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce Installation
James Potter, Dorothy Lamour, Ed Reinecke, Ann Blythe, John and June Broughton

Thank you to Richard Bogy who has preserved this photo sent to him by
Rickie Stambaugh. It was taken at the Chamber’s installation of officers banquet on February 15, 1969.

From left to right are James Potter (City Councilman), Dorothy Lamour (“movie queen” and co-star of the Hope-Crosby “Road Pictures”), Ed Reinecke (Lt. Governor of California), Ann Blythe (Movie Queen – Oscar nominee for Mildred Pierce), Chamber President John Broughton and his wife June.

Ann Blythe served as Honorary Sheriff and Dorothy Lamour was our “Ambassador of Goodwill.” Both lived in Toluca Lake; Dorothy on Placidia Avenue and Ann on Toluca Estates Drive.

Village View – Jane Kean

by Jon Molin

Jane Kean

Did You Know???

…we have a star in our midst, and her name is Jane Kean? She has chosen Toluca Lake for her home town and has lived here for over a decade.

I had the pleasure of first meeting her several years ago when she asked me for help. While escorting her small dog out of the elevator for a leisurely walk, the leash had somehow managed to jam itself in the elevator door. I was doubly amazed. First by the fact that I was able to free the leash from it’s tether, and that I was face to face with a true Hollywood icon. Jane smiled, thanked me three times and was on her way. Continue reading “Village View – Jane Kean”

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